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The Back Pocket - Footy Podcast

If you're looking for an independent AFL podcast that doesn't have any ties to the AFL, loves footy and highlights defenders as much as possible, then The Back Pocket might be the best footy podcast for you.

Started in 2022, The Back Pocket began as a niche podcast about defenders and is home to the Scarlett-Silvagni Medal; an award for the best defender in the competition, voted on each week, and the Jakovich-Brennan Shield; awarded to the team with the lowest points against at the end of the season.

Since then it has evolved into a pure footy podcast that has a bit of a bias towards defenders, talking everything footy every week at the end of the round, but not before giving the votes on the Scarlett-Silvagni medal, and highlighting the best defensive performances in the AFL.

So if you're looking for the best new AFL podcast in 2023, or simply want to hear about footy from people who aren't players who are stuck in their own era, The Back Pocket is the podcast for you.

Join Jack and Alastair every Wednesday throughout the AFL season for some footy and a laugh. Who defends the defenders? The Back Pocket does.

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