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AFL Announces First Inaugural No-Martins Round

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The AFL this week has announced its first inaugural No-Martins Round, a round where opposition teams don't have to worry about a bloke called Martin having 25 and kicking three, or being an absolute huge unit in the ruck.

Carlton, Richmond, Essendon and The Bulldogs have all obliged, ensuring their respective listed Martins are not named in the best 22, with Brisbane even set to keep Luka Yoshida-Martin on the sidelines of the AFLW preliminary final game this weekend just in case.

'We just thought this was a great opportunity for players not called Martin to have a go,' said Tanya Hosch, AFL's general manager of inclusion and social policy, 'For too long has the surname Martin entitled you to a game of football. Look at Nic; he came in last week despite not being on a list in December, and absolutely dominated. It's time we give someone else a chance,'

When asked why The Bulldogs had still listed Stefan Martin as an emergency, Hosch simply replied; 'It says "No Martins," - we're allowed one,'

There is talk in some circles about whether the round was introduced simply to assist AFL darlings Greater Western Sydney, who line up against Richmond this weekend, however, AFL House were unavailable for comment.

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