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Local Man Feeling Much More Like Himself Now That Sport Is Back On

Mr. Williams will be spending many hours over the next month situated in front of a TV

HEATHMONT MAN Jim Williams has this week stated his relief at the fact that both football and cricket resume this week after an uncomfortable nine days, including one entire weekend, without any sport to watch.

Many Australians, particularly those in Victoria, Western Australia or South Australia found themselves with a completely free schedule last weekend, an experience which made many, including Mr Williams very uncomfortable.

"It was like a waking nightmare, I had to go and socialise with my friends and family, even found the time to do things around the home that I had been putting off for months. Now that the Ashes is back and the AFL finals have started, thank goodness I won't have to subject myself to any more uncharacteristic behaviour,"

The Weekly Turnaround cannot confirm rumours that Maurice Blackburn is considering a class-action lawsuit against the AFL and Cricket Australia for their lack of foresight in fixturing this sport-less weekend. Gillon McLachlan was unavailable for comment.

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